The TOPS Team

Tim - TOPS Director, Lead Investigator

Tim is the TOPS Director & Lead Investigator. Tim co-founded The Brantford Paranormal Society IN 2007 so that he could help people, especially children, understand what they are experiencing when they have paranormal activity & help them deal with their unique situations.  In 2018 he became the group director and rebranded the group; The Ontario Paranormal Society (TOPS). He has led the group to great accomplishments while having a lot of fun in the process. He prides himself on professionalism, and respect & always displays a high level of dignity towards the living & the dead. He knows how unsettling it can be when you first experience the paranormal. While some people, like Tim and his crew, are fascinated by it, others can find it terrifying. Through his own experiences that began at an early age, he has learned how to help make sense where there is none, how to create an understanding, ease fear, & how to restore that secure feeling to people in their homes or offices. 

Jenn - Assistant Director, Case Manager & Lead Investigator

Jenn is the TOPS Assistant Director, Case Manager, & Lead Investigator. From the time Jenn was a young girl, she was intrigued by the paranormal.  Every book, every T.V. show, every bit of information she could get she would immerse herself in. Jenn dreamed of helping people the way the investigators from TAPs do.  While Jenn wants to help people, she also loves the research part of being an investigator. Jenn utilizes all the tools she has at her disposal to get as much background information that she can on the history of a location. Jenn is a natural empath. This by definition means, she is someone who understands the mental or emotional state of others in a way that defies conventional science and psychology. She takes pride in her work and takes the position of helping people seriously.

Grant - Case Manager, Treasurer, Lead Investigator & Spiritual Advisor

My name is Grant & I have been exposed to the spirit world since the age of six. I grew up in the Christian church and was always taught to flee from evil and not to play with the occult.  Despite these warnings, I was exposed to the supernatural world not by my own accord at an early age. As a young child, I frequently was visited in my dreams & attacked until I was able to develop the ability to counteract and battle these unseen forces. Strangely while these events were occurring a family member had similar events occur which made me think this was more than just a child and their bad dreams. After moving houses the events ultimately stopped and gave me peace until I became a teenager and started my own amateur investigations with a few friends. During these investigations I witnessed objects moving on their own, objects going missing then reappearing days later in obscure locations, shadow figures appearing then disappearing, candle flames growing to immense heights, physical contact with unseen forces, & hearing voices. Activity intensified as the investigations became more frequent which forced me to rethink my position. I stopped the investigations, it became difficult to manage with other lifestyle choices at the time but now things have come full circle. My attention is once again focused on the supernatural. By educating myself through the years I have greater respect and a stronger approach to coping and helping people heal that have been targets of supernatural occurrences. Working as a Paramedic for over a decade I have been witness to many strange and terrible situations and bring this experience with me as a professional to investigate the supernatural. I previously operated my own investigation team for three years and have worked with Lorraine Warren on a case in 2015 prior to joining TOPS in 2018.

Adam - AV Tech & Investigator 

Adam is a Scorpio and he believes that many of the things that describe a Scorpio describe him as a person. His favorite color is green, his favorite time of year is summer and he loves animals of all kinds especially cats and dogs. Adam loves to learn new things that could be useful to help others later on. Whenever possible he believes in the pay it forward-thinking & favor for a favor.

Adam’s interest in the paranormal began when he was a teenager. He began to see, feel & hear the things that make the hair on your arms & the back of your neck stand up.  Adam's advice is, if these things happen to you try not to fear it but try to understand it, learn from it.  He believes it will make you an even better person once you allow it to be a part of your life.

Adam is happy to be working with the TOPS team where he can expand his knowledge in this field.  He enjoys meeting new people and assisting where he can. 

Melissa - Investigator, Research, Evidence review & Social Media

When I was a child, I had a recurring nightmare about being buried underground in a box, I could smell the earth, its dampness & feel its darkness. But I wasn’t afraid. In the dream, I looked back and saw a man walking away wearing a red shirt. I have been haunted by that dream for as long as I can remember. Was it a dream, or was it a memory? Because of that dream, I have always believed in reincarnation, ghosts, UFO’s, the power of Witchcraft, etc.…

I have had many experiences with events I can’t explain & in the interest of keeping this short, here are a few. Disembodied voices, things being moved and put back, banging, being touched, being woken up by the sound of a giggling child when I had no children. Seeing a phantom cat in my apartment. The cat has been seen by no less than 5 people who do not know each other. My current pets seem to be alerted often by something in the hallway of my apartment. My granddaughter once said “who’s that?” while pointing in the dark empty kitchen she was 2 1/2 years old. I have seen many shadows and had many nights where I was unable to sleep because I can’t shake the feeling of being watched.

I am a wife, mother & grandmother. I am indigenous from Six Nations, I am a solitary witch, & practicing Pagan. As I get older, I believe I am developing more intuitive skills, I believe in fate, never coincidence, and I believe we all must walk the path that calls us.