The TOPS Brantford Team

 TOPS Brantford, formerly The Brantford Paranormal Society,  was originally founded in 2007. It has grown in leaps and bounds since its founding and continues to grow each year. TOPS Brantford is the main HUB and the rock upon which The Ontario Paranormal Society stands.


TOPS Brantford is led by the TOPS director, Tim. All new cases and inquiries reach TOPS at the Brantford Chapter first. The Brantford Team supports, organizes and maintains all TOPS chapters.

The team that investigates your case may be a combined group from any of our chapters.

Tim - TOPS Director & Lead Investigator

When Tim was about 5 or 6 years old, his paranormal adventure began. In his childhood home, he was approached by 3 separate entities. Sometimes he could hear them, other times he saw them, but mostly he just felt them around him. For the first little while he didn’t understand what was going on and was frightened all the time. Then he realized that they were not there to harm him. They were just there. And with this new awareness, he started seeing other spirits wherever he went. His parents still live in that same house, and when he visits, he sometimes still sees, hears and feels those same 3 entities – and they still remember him too.

So he co-founded The Brantford Paranormal Society, so that he could help people, especially children, understand what they are experiencing, and help them deal with each unique situation.  In 2013, when the original founder of the group left, he stepped up to be Group Leader, and is hoping to guide the group to great things, and have a lot of fun in the process.

He's been that scared kid, and knows exactly what that feels like. But now he also knows that you don’t have to go on being afraid. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call 519-865-7330.

Jenn - Assistant Director, Case Manager & Lead Investigator

For as long as she can remember, from the time Jenn was a young girl, she has always been intrigued by the paranormal.  Every book, every T.V. show, every little bit of information she could get about the paranormal, she would immerse herself in.  Jenn began watching Ghost hunters as soon as it began.  And from that point forward, she dreamed of being able to help people the way TAPs does.  Not only is it about helping people, but Jenn loves the history part of being an investigator as well.  As soon as a new case is announced, Jenn pulls up everything she can from google, contacts local historical societies, pulls up old maps, etc. to try and get a feeling of how the history of the case may be impacting the clients. Jenn also loves the feeling of being in old buildings that have lengthy histories.  With her empathic ability  to be able to connect to the history of a place by setting foot in it, she is intrigued by the feeling of the history around her.

After moving to Brantford, Jenn reached out to Tim in hopes that the group was taking on new members.  Although shy at first, she quickly found her place in the group and couldn't ask to be part of a better team.

Emily - Case/Evidence Manager & Lead Investigator

Emily joined the team in early 2017. Although never having been involved with a paranormal team, Emily comes from a family of clairvoyants and intuitives. Emily herself is an empath, often being able to feel another's emotions over long distances. Emily is a great addition to the team! Although an empath, she is also very skeptical, going lengths to try and debunk an occurrence before calling it paranormal.

Tyler - Tech Specialist & Investigator

Since he was a kid, Tyler has had many experiences.  He was chased by a ghost dog, has witnessed poltergeist activity and has seen departed family members in the last 15 to 20 years.  He has had many more experiences such as seeing shadow figures, footsteps and hearing voices.   He has watched several paranormal shows, everything from ghost adventures to paranormal lockdown.  They have all  interested him since he started watching them.  Now he has a chance to help people who are having paranormal experiences!

Jo - Investigator & Evidence Reviewer

​Jody has had an interest in the paranormal from a young age.  She was always looking in tunnels and old houses or buildings for signs of ghosts.  In bed in her early 20s, she started to notice the 'shadow man' that seems to follow her where ever she lives.  She has been trying to further develop her communication skills through Tarot Cards and tea leaves.  She is looking forward to growing and learing with the TBPS family!

Brightest Blessings!

Adam - Investigator In-Training & Evidence Reviewer

Adam is a Scorpio and he believes that many of the things that describe a Scorpio describe him as a person. His favorite colour is green, his favorite time of year is summer and he loves animals of all kinds especially cats and dogs. Adam loves to learn new things that could be useful to help other's later on. Whenever possible he believes in the pay it forward thinking or a favor for a favor.


Adam became very interested in the paranormal when he was a young teenager because that's when he started to see, feel and hear the things that make the hairs on your arms and back of the neck stand up on end. Adam says if these things happen to you try not to fear it but to try to understand it and learn from it. He believes it will make you an even better person once you allow it to be apart of your life.


Adam is happy to be working with the T.B.P.S team to teach him more in this field of study. Being able to meet new people of all kinds and helping others that are in need of help or advice. 

Tanya - Case Researcher, Investigator In-Training & Evidence Reviewer

Bio coming soon!

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