The TOPS Cambridge Team

 TOPS Cambridge, the second chapter to join our team, began in 2017, when Frank and his Daughter Krystina were welcomed under the TOPS banner. They have many years' experience and have helped many people in developing an understanding about the paranormal experiences happening to them.

The team that investigates your case may be a combined group from any of our chapters.

Frank - Tech Manager & Lead Investigator

Frank's love of technology is what keeps our investigations running smoothly.  Frank is extremely efficient and strategic when it comes to providing us with the best possible camera views on our investigations.  Frank is a systematic thinker, always willing to run towards those noises and sightings that most would run from.  Being a skeptic, Frank is not too quick to jump to conclusions.

Krystina - Investigator & Acting Photographer

Krystina is Frank's daughter, which explains her love for the technology-side of things.  Kryssie is very eager to learn and is very observant, a thinker.  She is happily absorbing everyting required for her positions on the team.  She has a love for animals, people and for reading.

Grant - Investigator & Evidence Reviewer

Bio coming soon!

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