Professionalism Promise


As a paranormal investigator, my team and our clients can depend on me to show up on time, be a team player, pull my weight, perform the tasks I’m assigned, and assist team members when necessary.


I am a paranormal investigator who tells the truth, and is upfront and transparent about where things stand. I also know my strengths and weaknesses and will refer you to someone else if I can’t answer your question or concern.


As a paranormal investigator, I am consistent in my beliefs and principles. I am focused on helping others overcome the difficulties of paranormal activity by conducting professional, scientific investigations.


I am a paranormal investigator who has, or is willing to learn, the skills and knowledge necessary to enable me to investigate activity claims with objectivity and thoroughness.


As a paranormal investigator, I am always seeking new knowledge about the paranormal realm. I am committed to learning and listening to the ideas, beliefs and opinions of others with an open mind.


I am a paranormal investigator who gives every client my full and undivided attention during an investigation. I will not let my personal issues get in the way of seeking the truth and helping a client.


As a paranormal investigator, I have an upbeat attitude and believe that there is a solution to every problem if we look hard enough. I believe I’ve become a paranormal investigator to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Respect for Others

I am a paranormal investigator who will treat each person, whether client or fellow team member, with the utmost respect and will show, by my actions, they matter to our team and investigation. I will not judge others and will be mindful of my biases.


As a paranormal investigator, I believe that everyone’s voice is worth hearing, and I will listen patiently and give people a chance to explain their ideas and concerns.


I am a paranormal investigator who, as a member of a team, will share in the success of fellow members, will take the time to show others how to do things with patience and understanding, and will lend an ear or an empathetic shoulder or to anyone who needs one.


As a paranormal investigator, I promise to uphold the values described above to the best of my abilities in every situation.

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