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If you're experiencing sounds, sights, smells, or other occurrences that you cannot explain and believe may be paranormal in nature, you've come to the right place.

We have investigated private residences, businesses, museums, abandoned hospitals, government buildings, banks, schools, and more, and we'd love to help you learn the truth about what's going on around you.

We are a not-for-profit team of volunteers dedicated to helping people.

All investigations are free of charge.

We look forward to working with you to solve the mysteries of the paranormal soon!

Five Stages of a Thorough Paranormal Investigation

1. Gathering Information

Before we can do an investigation, we have to obtain as much information as possible, beginning with a questionnaire designed to dig out the pertinent details. After we receive your completed questionnaire, one of our case managers will contact you with further questions and to schedule a walkthrough.

To begin, please click the button below to fill out our questionnaire.

2. The Walkthrough

After we have reviewed your questionnaire and decided to proceed with your case, our case managers will contact you to schedule a walkthrough of your location.

During the walkthrough, we will ask you more questions about the types and locations of activity, and develop a plan to investigate, and ask you to sign our investigation agreement. After the walkthrough our case managers will contact you again to schedule and confirm a date to investigate.

If you have new or ongoing activity between the walkthrough and investigation, or after the investigation, please use the form below to update us.

3. Research

After the walkthrough, our team will use the information you've provided us to research your location. We will gather as much information as we can about the previous residents and history of your home or business and the immediate surrounding area. We will use our findings to enrich our investigation and will present them to you at the reveal.

Finding detailed information about a location can be a nearly impossible task, especially when little is known about the previous owners. To aid our research, you may choose to purchase a land title search document from the Ontario Government's website. The cost is $49. The document will show you every owner of your location since its construction. The document does NOT show tenants.

Purchasing a land title search document is at the sole discretion of the client and is completely optional.

If you decide to purchase a Land Title Search Document, we will find as much information as we can about each prior owner and follow those leads to more information. If you choose NOT to purchase the document, we will do our best to research your case based on the information you can provide.

4. The Investigation

Now the real fun begins! On the scheduled date and time, our team will arrive, perform a brief second walkthrough, set up equipment,  and begin logical debunking and searching for paranormal activity.


Please make sure you have read our investigation agreement before completing a questionnaire.

5. The Reveal, Cleanse and Followup

After our team has thoroughly reviewed all of the  audio and video footage captured during the investigation, we will contact you to arrange a reveal. During the reveal, we will also cleanse your location and discuss any new activity that has occurred since the investigation.

After the reveal, the case will be considered complete, unless additional followups or repeat investigations are necessary.

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