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Are you experiencing sounds, sights, smells, or other events you can't explain? Do you believe it to be paranormal?

We can help.

We have experience with investigating private homes, businesses, museums, abandoned hospitals, government buildings, banks, schools, and more, and we'd like to help you understand what your experiencing.

Contacting Us & What to Expect

* Completing a questionnaire allows us a quick look at the events you're experiencing.

* We review the Questionaire

* A case manager will contact you for a phone interview,  scheduling a walkthrough of your property at this time.

* On-site meeting were we follow up on questions we may have, answer your questions and plan our investigation, date/time & layout

To begin, please read the agreement then click the button below & fill out our questionnaire.

If, you need to update us on a past or current case, please click the button below. 

Important details

The team Researcher will use the information you've provided us to research your location. We will gather as much information as we can about the previous residents and history of your home or business and the immediate surrounding area. We will use our findings to enrich our investigation and will present them to you at the reveal stage after the investigation.

Finding detailed information about a location can be a difficult task, One way you can assist us is,  you may purchase a land title search document from the Ontario Government's website.  This document will show you every owner of your location since its construction. The document does NOT show tenants.

Purchasing a land title search document is at the sole discretion of the client and is completely optional.

If you purchase a Land Title Search Document, we will use it to find relevant information about any prior owners & follow those leads to any other relevant information. without it, we will do our best to research your case based on any information you can provide.

The Investigation

Upon our arrival, we'll perform a brief second walkthrough, get base readings from equipment, set up the required equipment,  and begin logical debunking. (looking for logical reasons for sounds, smells, etc) Then we begin searching for signs of paranormal activity.


Please make sure you have read our investigation agreement before completing a questionnaire.

 The Reveal

After the team has reviewed the audio & video footage captured during the investigation, we will contact you to arrange a reveal meeting. During the reveal, we will also cleanse your location at your request and discuss any concerns you have since our investigation.

At this time we will determine if additional followup or further investigation is necessary.

At the clients request a cleansing or home blessing will be performed for you

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