do you live in a haunted house or hear things go bump in the night?

Are you plagued by paranormal activity?

Are unexplainable things occurring around you?

Are you sharing your life and home with spirits or entities?

Do you see ghosts and want to understand why?

Do you need help with ghosts, spirits, or entities?

Worst of all, do you feel like no one believes your paranormal experiences?

We believe you!

The Ontario Paranormal Society is a dedicated, professional team of paranormal investigators, each with unique talents, who want to help you understand and deal with the strange occurrences happening around you. We seek to find the scientific and logical explanations when it comes down to reported claims of Paranormal Activity.  Only through these scientific methods can we begin to find the truth, in any given situation.

People Helping People

We are a Not-for-Profit Team who is dedicated to helping people.  Our primary goal with each investigation, whether it be a small home or a large mansion, a barn, field or woods, a business, factory, hotel, asylum, jail, museum, historical site, or cemetery, is to document and research the claims of activity and to empower our clients with knowledge and understanding of the Paranormal Realm. No location is beyond our investigative scope.

We need your help too!

 We can all work together to find answers, where possible, to the questions we all share. 

we need all of you to help us prove or debunk anything and everything we investigate. We require believers, skeptics, and people with curiosity to assist, communicate and give feedback each and every step of the way. Please join our Ghost Hunting team in the gathering of fact and/or fiction.  We would appreciate any assistance from any person who is serious in the pursuit of honest answers to honest questions and issues in this field. 


Please feel free to share your voice on Facebook, join in on our Blog or participate in any way you feel is productive.  

It seems we have far more work to do together!

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