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Hello, & thanks for stopping by.

This is our About us Page. So, who are we?

We are a team of 15 members.

We are all volunteers

We all come from various careers & family styles

We all have our own goals

We all follow our own faiths

We all function as a team

We all investigate with a healthy amount of skepticism

We look for reasonable explanations for all events before looking towards the paranormal.

We all bring unique skills to the team

And, we all LOVE, the paranormal.

Our Story

The Ontario Paranormal Society (or T.O.P.S as we’re known) originally began in 2007 as The Brantford Paranormal Society. Re-branded, in 2018, we became The Ontario Paranormal Society. Over the years we have travelled all across Ontario investigating residential, commercial & historical buildings. TOPS made the decision a long time ago not to charge people who need our help for any of the services we can provide. We don't do this for money, or for fame. We do this because we love the paranormal and seek to fully understand it. We seek to help others understand it and not fear it. Please reach out to us if you experience things you don't understand and we will try to help you. 


Please follow our Social Media and contact us if you're experiencing anything unexplainable. 

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