About TOPS

The Ontario Paranormal Society's roots were formed in 2007, with the formation of The Brantford Paranormal Society. In 2017, TOPS was joined by another team located in Cambridge. In 2018, the two teams combined to become The Ontario Paranormal Society, with the joint purpose of being able to help as many people in need of paranormal investigations as possible, in many locations across Ontario.

The Ontario Paranormal Society was founded and is operated by our director, Tim, from the Brantford chapter. 

All cases and inquiries are organized, supported and maintained by TOPS Brantford.

All team members have a passion for the paranormal and seeking the truth. Through various types of paranormal and ghost hunting equipment, evidence review and logical debunking, TOPS continues to seek out the truth and help out those clients in need.​​

We are a completely not-for-profit paranormal investigative team who do not charge for their services.

Our Mission Statement

"Sharing a passion for the paranormal and a desire to help others, TOPS members are professional, dedicated, respectful and committed investigators.  We make no judgements, as some of us have been in our client's shoes before, having had our own experiences.  WE are committed to helping those that are experiencing paranormal activity, whether the client chooses to co-habitate with the entity, have their home cleansed or just desire to know who or what is dwelling with them."

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