Scare in the Square is an all-ages, family-friendly event for Halloween enthusiasts, &, anyone who enjoys candy and a good scare! Its held every year in Brantford's Harmony Square. Every year for 10 years, TOPS has held a public Ghost hunt as part of this event. In 2019 we did a hunt in the old Brantford Police Stn. on Greenwich St. It was a great time and the crowd was unstoppable! Past events have been held at such Brantford Sites as our old Carnegie Library, Sanderson Centre, City Hall, previous Odeon Theatre, and the BMO Bank. 

Please click the Scare in the Square picture to visit the Harmony Square, Facebook Page, for future events.

In Partnership with Brantford Public Library in October 2019, TOPS held a dinner and Paranormal Investigation event at our downtown library. The event was a catered meal & quick run-through of a Paranormal Investigation. We did Ghost Box sessions, EVP sessions & held a Q & A with the team. It was a 2 night, SOLD OUT event! Please click the Library picture to find out about our local library.